This collection "Visions" is a revision [get it?] and continuation of the series of images that put me on the map back in 2011 called "Unrealistic Scenes," as the goal was to create something that was just almost real.  The 2x1 vertical format of the original series was meant to be viewed large and in print, with the lower half at eye level to force the viewer to look upward into the sky and imagine what lies beyond.  The series was shared far and wide, featured on numerous websites, collected by galleries, leased and licensed to agencies, misappropriated by inspirational meme creators, and for a while was represented and distributed as limited edition prints.  As the concept expanded and the series progressed, the images became more story and character oriented, and morphed into a study on mythology, spirituality, science fiction, and the supernatural.
I've always been captivated by the beauty of our world, and often dream of the things that lie just beyond what we can see.  Some scenes, some vistas will never exist.  So we make the photo that we see within our mind.  We create the universe in which these stories and ideas can exist.  All of these are composite photo illustrations.  Some are based in film, some are based in digital, some are 3D renders, and some are a combination.  Here the medium is irrelevant; it is the result that carries meaning. 
I hope these bring wonder.
I hope they bring joy and curiosity.
And I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.
Some entries have been adjusted and changed to fit my developed sensibilities, and some have remained largely untouched.  Some are now over a decade old, and some are brand new.  This year of change and uncertainty seems the perfect time and opportunity to transform the images and the medium in which they are collected: each of these images is now 1 of an edition of 31 ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.  A few are collaborations with other artists, and those will be noted as such in the token metadata.​​​​​​​
And now, some things you'll never see...
thank you for viewing :)
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